Individual therapy is the best way for us to explore your concerns in depth. My practice is non-judgmental and centered on meeting your needs. I especially invite those who have felt rejected in more traditional therapy spaces.

Specialized Population Interests: LGBTQIA; gender non-conforming; alternative lifestyles; d/Deaf and HOH; persons with disabilities; university students; veterans. I am conversational in ASL.

Specialized Treatment Areas: trans-affirming care and assessment; trauma (PTSD and cultural); sexual trauma; depression; anxiety; bipolar disorder; ADHD; obsessive compulsive disorder; substance use issues; and characterlogical (personality) difficulties.

I work with folks across the developmental spectrum — children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Partners & Family

I enjoy doing partners and family therapy, especially with same-sex and poly partners. I utilize Integrative Behavior Couples Therapy, an evidence-based therapy, into my partners work.


I provide psychological and neuropsychological assessments for treatment purposes, courts, and schools.